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Telephonic Interpretation Services

Interpretext currently offers telephone interpretation between the following languages: French, English, and Spanish. You may choose to place your interpretation call in one of the following manners:

  • Representative Call - Leave your request and information with our bilingual representative who will make the call on your behalf. You will be contacted immediately after the conclusion of the call with any and all results.
  • Live Interpretation - A bilingual representative will make a conference call between you and the other party. The conversation will be interpreted live.


Interpretext representative calls and live interpretation have a base rate of $1.75 per minute. If you initiate the conference between the third party and Interpretext, there is no additional surcharge.

If Interpretext is to complete the conference call, a communications surcharge will apply. Calls made within the United States have no additional communication surcharges. Calls made to numbers outside of the United States will be assessed a communication surcharge depending on the country called. All calls are charged in increments of one minute.

Communications surcharge: Please select the country or countries that will be parties to the interpretation call to determine the communication surcharge.

The communication surcharge for an interpretation call to the country/city selected is:

per minute.

(Examples: a call between the U.S. and Argentina would cost $1.75 + $0.35 = $2.10 per minute; a call between Cameroon and Paraguay would cost $1.75 + $0.51 + $0.49 = $2.75 per minute)

To schedule a telephonic interpretation or to learn more about our telephonic interpretation services, please take a moment to fill out a telephonic interpretation schedule request.