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Current Promotions

Technical Translations between English and another EU language

Get your technical manuals and specs translated with Interpretext - make the most of our experience and expertise and now with even lower prices. Most prices in the ballpark of EUR 0.17 to EUR 0.19 per word. Contact us for further details.

Finnish to English Special Offer

To celebrate our 10th anniversary throughout 2011, we are offering legislative, political, international cooperation, customs, military, business and financial texts from Finnish to English for only EUR 0.17 per word including proof-reading! Maximum use and other terms apply.

English to French Special Offer

General business and technical texts as well as oceanographic and other scientific texts from English into French for only EUR 0.15 per word! Limited time offer, maximum use and other terms apply.

Language Consultancy Services Introductory Discount

Language Consultancy Services get an introductory discount of 10%. Without fail, a large company or organisation can streamline all Language Solution needs by employing Interpretext to evaluate and advise on how to save thousands of dollars by working smarter, not harder! Depending on your needs, our consultants can work at your location or remotely and streamline your translation department or outsourcing.

Free Notary Public Certification on all translations over USD/EUR 100!

Whether you're moving abroad to work or study or you are involved in international litigation, you will need certified translations of your official documents. Don't be tempted by companies charging over USD/EUR 100.00 for the certification only - with Interpretext you can have it free of charge! All Interpretext certificates adhere to the stipulations of the Hague Convention of 1961 and are valid in nearly all jurisdictions around the world. Get in touch to learn more...

To take advantage of these promotions, please contact us.